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Insta360 ONE X / ONE R Capture Troubleshooting
Insta360 ONE X / ONE R Capture Troubleshooting

Steps for restoring capture functionality to your Insta360 camera

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In the StructionSite mobile app, if you’re experiencing issues capturing 360 Photos and VideoWalks using your Insta360 ONE X or ONE R camera, please perform the following troubleshooting steps to restore functionality to your camera.

Insta360 App

When capturing in the StructionSite app, make sure that you do not have the Insta360 or ONE X app running simultaneously with the StructionSite, as this will cause a connection conflict between apps. If you’re unable to capture in the StructionSite app, and have the Insta360 or ONE X app running at the same time, please completely close out the Insta360 app. Then, reconnect first through your mobile device’s WiFi Settings, then in the StructionSite app, and try a new capture.

Updating Firmware

The StructionSite mobile app only supports recent firmware versions, which you can update to either using the Insta360 app or by manually importing the firmware onto your camera’s SD card. To update your camera’s firmware, follow these links below for detailed steps:

  • To update your ONE X’s firmware, click here.

  • To update your ONE R’s firmware, click here.

NOTE: If you are using the ONE X Enterprise Edition, to use the StructionSite mobile app, you will need firmware version v1.18.48, which you can download here.

SD Card Storage Management

Insta360 cameras are only compatible with specific SD cards. So, refer to Insta360’s Storage article to make sure you’re using an SD card that meets their requirements.

For optimal capture functionality, Insta360 recommends routinely backing-up your files and clearing out the SD card’s used memory. If your SD card is carrying a wealth of stored data, you may encounter inhibited capture functionality. Even if only half of your SD card’s available storage is occupied, it’s recommended to format your SD card.

To format your camera’s SD card, follow these links below for detailed steps:

  • To format your SD card for your ONE X or ONE R, click here.

  • To back-up files, and for additional formatting steps, click here.

Brand new SD cards will need to have a file system established to function with the Insta360 camera. You can format the SD card using your computer. Insert the SD card into your computer using a microSD adapter, which is included in the packaging for your SD card. From there, follow the prompts to format the card.

Enable OSC - ONE R Cameras Only

When capturing using a ONE R, if your images come out all white or all black, this may be caused by an SDK issue with your camera. SDK is the software that allows third-party apps, such as StructionSite, to interact with the ONE R camera. To fix this issue, try enabling your ONE R's OSC, which you can do by following these steps.

Location Services

If you're encountering issues connecting your 360 camera to the StructionSite mobile app, you will want to ensure that you have location services enabled. To do so, follow the steps here.

Enable Local Network

If you're having issues capturing, enable the Local Network for the StructionSite app. To do so, open your mobile device's "Settings" app. Select "Privacy," then select "Local Network." You will see a list of your apps. Next to StructionSite, toggle this option on. When enabled, the toggle will be displayed as bright green.

Disable Your Mobile Device’s WiFi Assist

From your mobile device’s “Settings” app, select “Cellular.” Then, scroll down to the bottom of this page to “Wi-Fi Assist,” and toggle this option off. When disabled, the toggle will be displayed in dark gray.

Forget the Camera’s WiFi Network in Your Mobile Device

From your mobile device’s “Settings” app, select “WiFi” once connected to your ONE X or ONE R. Next, click the info icon on the right-hand side, and choose "Forget Network." Once done, reconnect back to the camera from scratch through your mobile device’s “Settings” app, and then reconnect in the StructionSite app.

For reference, please consult the following articles for the routine steps for connecting your camera.

  • To connect a ONE X, click here.

  • To connect a ONE R, click here.

Update Your StructionSite App

To introduce new features and improve functionality, both the StructionSite iOS and Android mobile apps are updated frequently. So, to ensure that your camera’s capture functionality is stable, make sure you are keeping your StructionSite app up-to-date. To manually update your app, and for steps to enabling app auto-updates, refer to this article.

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have tried all of the above steps and are still unable to capture, or if you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected].

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