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Connecting to the Insta360 One X
Connecting to the Insta360 One X

How to connect the Insta360 One X to the StructionSite mobile app

Written by CustomerSuccess
Updated over a week ago

After updating the firmware for the Insta360 One X, you can control the camera from StructionSite. 

To connect the camera to the StructionSite mobile app, please follow the instructions below. You will need to use a combination of the Confirm and Menu buttons on the camera.  

  1. Press and hold the Menu button to turn on the camera

  2. Once turned on, press the menu button until the "Settings" icon appears (a gear), then press Confirm 

  3. Press Confirm twice to get to the Wifi Settings page

  4. Press Menu twice to select "Wifi Password", then press Confirm. A wifi password will appear 

  5.  On your mobile device, go to Settings>Wifi and connect to the Wifi hotspot created by the Insta360 One X. The hotspot should read something along the lines of "One X ____.OSC". Enter the password found in step #4 

  6. Switch to the StructionSite App and begin taking photos in 360 mode! 

Note 1: When capturing photos, you must hold still until you hear the capture sound directly from the Insta360 One X, or else your photos will be blurry. There may be a slight 2-3 delay between pressing the capture button on the StructionSite app and the camera actually capturing the photo - it is essential that you do not move the camera until the sound on the camera itself has been played, indicating that you can now begin walking to the next area.

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