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How StructionSite integrates with Procore

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StructionSite aims to be a reality capture platform that is integrated with the tools you use most. Procore is one partner that we've taken extra steps to integrate with, in order to:
-Reduce the administrative burden of managing separate software platforms
-Reduce the need to memorize different logins
-Enable workflows that would not otherwise be possible separately in each platform

StructionSite's integration with Procore includes the following:
-Can be embedded within Procore homepage
-Adding and automated syncing drawings
-Automated archiving of photos captured in StructionSite into a Procore Album
-Use of existing Procore credentials for logging in/signing up
-Creating or adding Procore RFI's onto 360 Photos

Embedded App

The StructionSite Embedded App allows for public, View-Only access to your project within Procore.

With the Embedded App, Procore users can:

  • View your StructionSite project without leaving Procore.

  • Navigate your StructionSite project drawings, photos, and VideoWalks inside of Procore.

  • Utilize StructionSite's Split View, X-Ray, and VideoWalk tools while in Procore.

For steps to set up the StructionSite Embedded App, confer with this article.

Syncing Drawings from Procore

Ensuring that you're capturing photos on the latest and greatest drawing is of prime importance when leveraging StructionSite (in case walls or other things change). You can add drawings directly from Procore to use as drawing backgrounds for capturing photos/videos with StructionSite. Also, any changes to the drawings in Procore will automatically get slip-sheeted into StructionSite, without affecting the photos you've already captured. Please ensure you have the StructionSite app installed in Procore. Click here for instructions on how to set this up.

Syncing Photos Captured in StructionSite into Procore

If you leverage Procore as your main "system of record", you can ensure that all photos captured within StructionSite are automatically archived in a Procore album, as they are captured! Set it up once, and you can forget it. Photos captured in StructionSite get uploaded into Procore twice a day (once in the late morning, and then again in the late afternoon).
Click here for instructions on how to set this up.

Leveraging your existing Procore Credentials to Log into StructionSite (SSO)

In today's software climate, people are overburdened with "apps", and having to memorize yet another password is a drag for many people. We make things simple for new users by allowing them to simply log in with their Procore credentials!

One great reason to use Procore for logging in is to ensure that if someone leaves your company and you disable their Procore account, the invited user will also no longer have access to StrutionSite (for security purposes). 

Add/Link Procore RFI's into StructionSite

When you generate a "virutal jobsite" using 360 photos with StructionSite, you can start adding RFI's to give true jobsite context to issues that might otherwise be lost in translation when only represented in a 2D floorplan and some regular photos. With this integration, you can create new RFI's that will be added into StructionSite, or add existing Procore RFI's into the context of a photo. 

When you make this connection, a comment will be automatically created in Procore for the RFI that contains a link that will take you right back into the RFI, automatically oriented to look towards where the RFI was placed! This link is clickable from PDF reports generated from RFI's in Procore. A link to quickly edit the RFI will also be available within StructionSite! For more details, including how to set up this integration, check out this article.

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