With a StructionSite project or team plan, you can set up your project so that photos will get auto-archived into your cloud-provider of choice, such as:

  • Box
  • Procore
  • Egnyte
  • PlanGrid
  • AutoDesk 360
  • One-Drive
  • DropBox
  • Sharefile
  • and more!

Automated photo-archiving is done on a project-level basis, with separated folders (or albums in the case of Procore) for each drawing automatically!

Note: A project team or enterprise plan is required to access this feature.

Photos can only be archived to one cloud storage location at a time. Archiving of photos to the cloud is done within 5-10 minutes after photos have been synced to StructionSite's cloud.

Procore Users: Photos are archived twice per day: 12pm EST/9am, and 6pm EST/3pm PST

Setting up Automated Archiving

1. On the web, when viewing a project, click on the Info Tab on the left side of the screen

2. Click the "Sync Photos to Cloud" button

3. Choose your preferred location to sync.

4. You will be asked to log into your cloud-service.

  • For Box/Egnyte/OneDrive/etc. users: Please navigate to a folder in which to sync photos, then click "Select" on the bottom right of the window. Sub-folders will automatically get created for each drawing, and photos will be synced into those folders.
  • For Procore Users: Select the project. Albums named after each drawing will be created automatically, and photos will be synced into those albums. Note: Due to limitations with the Procore API, the "date taken" date for photos will not sync; as a workaround, StructionSite appends to the filename information on when the photo was taken in the following format: [Month][Year][Day][Hour][Minute][Second]

5. You will now see a progress bar indicating how many of the photos have been synced to the cloud.

Now just click the close button (on the top right of the pop-up window) to exit. The process will continue in the background and sync new photos indefinitely. You can come back to this screen later if you'd like to either end the automated syncing or see the current status.

Note: This is NOT a one time process; it will automatically sync more photos as more photos are added to StructionSite via the mobile or web platforms.

6. To end the automated syncing integration, click "Stop Sync to Cloud" at any time.

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