The StructionSite Embedded App allows for public, View-Only or Private Authenticated access to your project within Procore.

With the Embedded App, Procore users can:

  • View your StructionSite project without leaving Procore.

  • Navigate your StructionSite project drawings, photos, and VideoWalks inside of Procore.

  • Utilize StructionSite's Split View, X-Ray, and VideoWalk tools while in Procore.

How to enable your Public Project Link:

When choosing Public Project Sharing you must enable the Public Viewing Link to host your StructionSite project in Procore, this link will need to be enabled. To check, in your StructionSite project, navigate to "Settings." Here you will find the "Public Viewing Link" under the "Sharing" section. If enabled, the adjacent button will highlighted blue.

How to setup Public or Private Project Sharing:

  1. In StructionSite, go to your Project and then go to the Settings tab.

  2. At the bottom of the settings tab, find the Private or Public Project Sharing URL and click on the COPY button. This will copy the URL for use in Procore.

  3. In Procore, login and choose the relevant Procore Project.

  4. In the top toolbar, on the right-hand side, click the Apps dropdown and choose Marketplace.

  5. Search and choose the StructionSite App.

  6. Click “Install App”.

  7. In App Management, search for StructionSite App (Not the StructionSite Embedded App) and click “View”.

  8. Once in the StructionSite App, go to the ”Configurations” tab and click “Create Configuration” button.

  9. To configure:

    • Projects: Choose the Procore Project you want to be linked to project sharing.

    • Title: Create a title for the App Configuration.

    • Project ID: Find the Structionsite Project ID. This can be found by going to the StructionSite Project URL and finding the alpha / Numeric id as highlighted in bold below.


    • In the Type field. type in “public” if you want to generate a public read-only link or leave blank if it will be a private authenticated link.

  10. Click Create and the configuration will be saved in the App.

  11. Multiple configurations can be created for Private and/or Public Project sharing.

  12. In the App, if you go to the Projects tab, you can click on the new configurations.

  13. A secondary way to access the Project Sharing link is to add as a Project Link on the Procore Project Dashboard.

    • Go to the right hand column on the Dashboard.

    • Click on “New” project LInk.

    • Add a Title and URL and click save.

    • These links will be available for everyone in the Project.

More info about this link and more detailed steps for enabling can be found here.

How to set up the Procore Embedded App:

Once you have confirmed that your Public Viewing Link is enabled, you're ready to set up the Embedded App.

1. In the Procore App Marketplace, install the "StructionSite Embedded" app.

2. Navigate to App Management, and in your list of apps, next to "StructionSite Embedded," select "View."

3. Now, select the "Configurations" tab.

4. Then, near the top right of your screen, select "+ Create Configuration."

5. This will open the "Create Configuration" window. Here, you will need to first select the Procore project in which you want the Embedded App to live.

6. Next, enter a title. We recommend using the project's name as it appears within StructionSite.

7. Then copy and paste the Public Project ID, which is the hyphenated set of numbers and letters following the last slash of your StructionSite project's Public Viewing Link URL:

NOTE: Please only include the ID number. If you include the entire Public Viewing Link, the Embedded App will not function. Although Procore users with varying permissions can set up the Embedded App, if you accidentally save the Public Project ID using the full Viewing link, you will need Admin permissions within Procore to edit this configuration.

8. Once you have filled out all the required fields, click "Create."

The setup will now be complete. You will be able to access StructionSite Embedded App through the Procore Apps portal. It will be listed like so:

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected].

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