When you generate a "virtual jobsite" using 360 photos with StructionSite, you can start adding RFI's to give true jobsite context to issues that might otherwise be lost in translation when only represented in a 2D floorplan and some regular photos. With this integration, you can create new RFI's that will be added into StructionSite, or add existing Procore RFI's into the context of a photo. 

How to enable RFIs/Observations
Enable sync of photos with a Procore project via the project Info popup. Click here for instructions on how to set this up. 

Note: If you have previously already enabled photo sync to a Procore album prior to July 11, 2018, you will need to disable, then re-enable, the Procore sync for Observations to show up. This is because the Procore API was updated to support Observations relatively recently, and re-authentication with Procore needs to occur to leverage Observations. This may result in a duplicate StructionSite album being created within Procore - make sure to remove the old album. 

How it works
When you create the RFI or Observation, a link to the StructionSite viewpoint will be automatically created in Procore for the RFI/Observation's description. This viewpoint will automatically orient you to look towards where the RFI/Observation was placed. This link is clickable from PDF reports generated from RFI's in Procore. A link to quickly edit the RFI/Observation and view status is also accessible within StructionSite.

Note: This feature is only available on the web app.

After entering a photo in full view, simply click anywhere within the photo to mark the location and start the creation of the RFI/Observation. A menu will drop down giving you the options to add a new chat, RFI/Observation, or add an RFI/Observation. 

Adding a NEW RFI or Observation will give you a window to enter in all information (with the # being auto-incremented based on what's available). All of the fields shown are the same ones you'd see in Procore if you were creating the RFI/Observation.

Note: You may need to adjust the window within the 360 pano so it fits within your screen

Adding an EXISTING RFI/Observation will prompt a list of what has already been created within Procore. 

Once created, you'll see the Procore symbol, and RFI or Observation Number, shown as a note title.

Clicking on the RFI/Observation will open up options to view the full RFI, edit its details (i.e. respond to the RFI or Observation or change the status), and check the full history. 

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