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SmartTrack User Permissions
SmartTrack User Permissions

How Site Doc permissions translate into SmartTrack

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For SmartTrack, users are granted permissions from the Team page found in the Project Dashboard. SmartTrack permissions are based on overall project permissions used for site documentation. However, these permissions translate to different access levels in SmartTrack:

  • Site Doc Administrator = SmartTrack Administrator

  • Site Doc Collaborator = SmartTrack View-Only

  • Site Doc View-Only = No SmartTrack Access

How These Permissions Function:

In SmartTrack, Collaborators only have access to the View tab, which allows these users to review progress and statuses.

In addition to the View tab, SmartTrack Admins have access to the Setup and Process tabs. The Setup tab allows Admins to complete quantity take-offs and/or review QTOs completed by StructionSite’s in-house estimator. The Process tab allows Admins to perform manual overrides to update any walls and ceilings that were statused incorrectly or to update the status of an area that was not captured during a VideoWalk.

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