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SmartTrack Project Setup
SmartTrack Project Setup

Getting SmartTrack enabled, and activated by completing QTO setup

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Enabling SmartTrack

Note: This is a paid feature that requires your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive to enable.

The first step to getting SmartTrack up and running on a project is to provide your Account Executive with your Project Name and ID number. Also, confirm that you have uploaded all of your drawings into StructionSite and that each is titled correctly. Once you have shared this info, begin capturing VideoWalks on your project.

Our team will then activate SmartTrack on your project. Your next step is the quantity takeoff setup in SmartTrack. Your QTO will need the following information:

  • Linear footage of Framing

  • Square footage of Drywall

  • Wall Types (Layers of Drywall)

  • Wall Heights

Quantity Take-Off Setup Options

Choose between our Setup Service or Self Setup to add the QTO information to SmartTrack.

Setup Service:

Send quantity take-off information via this Dropbox link. Once we receive your take-off information, our in-house estimator will set up the take-offs in StructionSite.

Self Setup:

If you choose to set up the take-offs yourself, please follows these instructions for inputting QTOs in SmartTrack:

To setup Quantity Take-Offs, users will need to be a project admin. To begin, select the Setup tab, which is located at the top left of your screen in SmartTrack menu.


Before inputting QTOs, you first need to set your drawing's scale:

1. Select the Scale tool, which is the ruler/arrow icon at the bottom of the toolbar.

2. Navigate to a measurement on your drawing, and with the crosshair cursor click and drag to draw your scale line.

3. Once you've drawn the line to match the measurement, click to set.

4. Next, input the numerical length of the scale line. Please note that scale functionality is set using decimal points. So, for example, 8'-3" would be input as 8.25.

5. After entering the scale, click the orange checkbox to confirm. Now your scale is set, and your quantities will be measured based on the value input.

Wall Setup

Using the "Draw" tool, begin tracing around the frame of the room in which you're setting up the wall QTO.

1. Initiate your drawing by clicking a beginning corner and dragging your cursor to the opposite corner of the room.

2. To complete a wall line segment, select inside of the white square. To pivot around a corner, after clicking in the white square, continue dragging your cursor in the corresponding wall direction.

Note: the "Draw" tool defaults to drawing vertical and horizontal lines. Hold the Shift key to draw lines at an angle.

3. To close a room section, after drawing the last wall line, click on the white square to set.

4. Next, to input wall information, first change from the "Draw" tool to the "Default" cursor.

5. Holding shift, use the "Default" cursor and click on all of the wall lines for which you'd like to input information. The selected wall lines will highlight yellow.

6. Click on one of the selected walls again to open the Wall Properties menu.

Here, indicate whether the walls have metal studs, and, for each side, input wall height and layers of drywall. Then, click save to confirm this QTO.

7. Repeat this process for all rooms on the drawing.

Ceiling Setup

Using the “Draw Polygon” tool, trace the area by clicking the corner of the room in which you’re setting up the ceiling QTO.

1. Initiate your drawing by clicking a beginning corner and dragging your cursor to the next corner of the room.

As you trace, SmartTrack will indicate what areas you’ve selected in gray.

2. When finished tracing, click on the initial point square to close the shape.

3. Switch to the Default Cursor tool and double-click a room to open the Properties window.

Here, indicate whether the ceiling has metal studs, and input layers of drywall and the ceiling's slope rise and run, if any. Then, click save to confirm this QTO.

4. Repeat this process for all rooms on the drawing.

Finalize Setup by Approving Quantity Take-Offs:

After your setup is finished, you must approve QTOs. To do so, mark the drawing status as “complete.” Then, click “save” to trigger SmartTracking to begin.

Once completed, we’ll process your VideoWalks captured during the setup timeframe or pilot period. The processing times and consistency each week are based on your purchase option: 1x, 2x, or Unlimited. You’ll see your floor plan update with the latest progress of work installed, along with a dashboard of metrics and insights.

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected]

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