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SmartTrack Manual Override
SmartTrack Manual Override

How to manually update statuses on walls and ceilings

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In some occasions, it may be necessary to adjust the status of a wall or ceiling. To ensure that your production charts display and track progress accurately, StructionSite provides admins the ability to manually set or edit statuses using the Process tab.

For project admins, when viewing a drawing, the Process tab can be found in the SmartTrack menu located on the top left side of your screen.

Loading VideoWalks

The first step in a manual override is selecting the VideoWalk capture date in which you want to update a wall status. Your VideoWalks will be cataloged in the Date field just below the Process tab.

To select a VideoWalk, click on the Date field. This opens a list of your VideoWalks, all of which are sequenced by day - month - year. Click on a date to load the VideoWalk and corresponding wall statuses onto your drawing.

Note: If the project contains VideoWalks from multiple years, users can toggle between years, as well.


While overriding statuses, you may find it helpful to filter the different SmartTarck progress layers. This way, you can view particular items one at a time.

To filter these to a specific feature, go to the Layers section, found on the menu on the left side of your screen.

Select the arrow in the Layers Visible tab, which defaults to read, "All Layers Visible." Selecting this tab opens the layers drop-down menu.

Here, you can toggle on and off items. Note: Unchecking "Ceiling" and "Wall" will deselect all items in these categories.

Manually Overriding a Status

Wall Status

Wall Status Displays

To edit a wall status correctly, it is important to first understand how the various wall statuses are displayed on your drawing. Please refer to the Wall Status Legend below:

Editing a Wall Status

1. After loading a VideoWalk, select the "Default" cursor.

2. Select the wall (or walls) for which you want to override the status. Note: to select multiple walls, hold the Shift key, and either click each wall separately or click and drag your cursor over the walls to select.

3. Once you have selected the wall (or walls) you'd like to override, click on one of the wall segments to open the Properties menu. (More info below.)

4. Once you have updated properties, select "Save" to confirm the status override.

5. After you have finished your manual overrides, please ensure that the VideoWalk status is marked as "Complete." Note, VideoWalks with a status not marked as "Complete" will not sum into your SmartTrack metrics.

Wall Properties Menu

The Properties menu is used to override statuses on studs and drywall. While the functions of these fields are mostly readily-apparent, please note the following workflows:


  • When selecting "Progress," the menu will default to checking that Top Track, Bottom Track, and Stud Framing are completed. If any of these are not part of the wall's construction, you will need to manually uncheck them.


  • This section will populate fields for each side and layer of drywall.

  • When choosing "Partial," you will need to indicate the height of drywall in feet. Remember, this functionality is set using decimal points. So, for example, 3'-6" would be input as 3.5.

Ceiling Status

Editing a Ceiling Status

1. After loading a VideoWalk, use the "Default" cursor to select the ceiling segment that you need to override the status. Once selected, click the segment again to open the Ceilings Properties menu.

2. To select the ceiling for which you want to override the status, first select the "Draw Polygon" for the corresponding layer in which you intend to edit.

3. To indicate what percentage of the ceiling's studs and drywall layers are complete, draw around the outside of the ceiling segment to highlight the completed portion.

The selection will snap to highlight only within the selected ceiling area.

The example here is a manual override for ceiling studs. After the portion has been highlighted, you will see the progress populated onto the drawing, as well as a percentage complete statused into the Properties menu. In this case, the percentage is 46%.

To change the percentage completed, select the "Edit" icon from the Properties menu within the corresponding layer.

Edit the statused area by clicking and dragging the white squares to enlarge or decrease the progress.

The percentage complete will update. Notice here that it now shows 59%.

4. Once you have updated all the incorrect ceilings, click "Save" to confirm the status override.

5. After you have finished your manual overrides, please ensure that the VideoWalk status is marked as "Complete." Note, VideoWalks with a status not marked as "Complete" will not sum into your SmartTrack metrics.

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected].

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