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Create or add existing RFI's within a 360 Photo that goes into Autodesk

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With this feature on the StructionSite web app, you can both create new RFI's that will be added into StructionSite and import existing Autodesk RFI's into the context of a photo.

How to enable RFIs

To enable RFIs, you will need to set up an Image Archive to Autodesk following the steps in this article.

Setting up this Image Archive grants StructionSite the requisite access into your Autodesk project so that our system can sync RFIs.

Note: Users will need to be at least "creator" role in Autodesk and collaborator level in StructionSite to be able to create new RFI's

How it works

  1. Prerequisites

    1. StructionSite App in Autodesk must be downloaded and active for the Autodesk Account.

    2. Autodesk / StructionSite project Integration must be initiated and active. This is a project requirement and only needs to be done once per project. (Integrations Section in the Project Settings page)

  2. Functionality

    1. Create a New Autodesk RFI

      1. Go to the Photo media viewer for a standard, 360 or videowalk Photo.

      2. In the new right hand stationary toolbar within the media viewer, click the “Add RFI Button”.

      3. You will pick a location on the Photo to place the RFI Pin.

      1. You will add RFI information (Title and Question)

      2. RFI is created and synced to Autodesk.

    2. Edit RFI

      1. You can open the RFI in StructionSite, Click the “View in Autodesk” button, and will be taken to the RFI in Autodesk.

      2. In Autodesk, the RFI can be edited.

      3. All changes will flow back to StructionSite.

    3. Autodesk RFI

      1. When in the RFI in Autodesk, you can view and click on a URL that will take them to StructionSite and the location of the RFI. (See the above screenshot)

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected]

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