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Microsoft Azure SSO Integration
Microsoft Azure SSO Integration

How StructionSite integrates with Microsoft Azure

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Azure Active Directory Seamless Single Sign-On (Azure AD Seamless SSO) automatically signs users in when they are on their corporate devices connected to their corporate network. This SSO integration provides users easy access to your StructionSite without needing to create a new account with an email and password

Key Benefits of the Microsoft Azure SSO:

  • more secure (fewer passwords)

  • easier to manage adding and removing users

How does it work?

If you are a new user without an existing account who is signing into Structionsite for the first time, you can opt to select Continue with Azure directly. This will create a new account in StructionSite.

If you are an existing user who already has an account with StructionSite, please see the options below to enable this feature.

Enable the Microsoft Azure Login

Using the Web Application login to StructionSite as you normally would using your credentials and follow the steps below to enable the Microsoft Azure login:

  1. Navigate to the My account page at the top right of the task ribbon

2. Scroll down to the Sign in Method and select “Switch to Azure”

3. Authenticate with your Microsoft credentials

Please Note: Your email address for Azure must match from the email used to sign into StructionSite. Otherwise, a new StructionSite account will be created for the new email address you’re using.

4. Congratulations! Your Sign-in method has now been updated. You are now able to use your Microsoft Azure login credentials to sign into StructionSite.

Logging in From the WebApp

At the login screen, select the Continue with Azure button. You will be presented with a Microsoft log in prompt where you can authenticate directly with Microsoft. Once you have entered your credentials and they have been authenticated with Microsoft, you will be returned back to StructionSite and logged into your account.

Logging in From the Mobile App

At the login screen, select the ‘Sign in with another account’ button. On the next screen, you will have the option to continue with Azure. Upon selecting ‘Continue with Azure’, you will be redirected and presented with the Microsoft login prompt where you can authenticate directly with Microsoft. Once you enter your credentials and are authenticated with Microsoft, you will be returned to StructionSite and logged into your account on the StructionSite App.

Enterprise Admins: View your team's sign in method

As an Enterprise Admin, you can see which sign in method your users are signing in with by following the instructions below.

From the Admin Panel, Enterprise Admins can view which sign in method their users are utilizing by looking in two places:

  1. The Provider column found on the table in the Users page.

2. The user's individual list page.

Further instructions can be found here.

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