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Procore BIM Integration With StructionSite
Procore BIM Integration With StructionSite

Steps on how to set up and view your BIM models in StructoinSite from Procore

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The StructionSite x Procore BIM integration allows users to perform side by side comparison of a Procore BIM Model and VideoWalks or 360 Photos from StructionSite.

Note: This is a paid feature that requires your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive to enable (unless you are an Enterprise account)

Key benefits of the Procore BIM include:

  • Verifying that work is going to plan by comparing reality to their 3D design models

  • Easy to share side by side comparison whenever there is a discrepancy between what was planned and what was built. Saves time and effort compared to the current workflow.

  • Simpler to set up and use than Navisworks and is accessible to more users (no installation required, and can be accessed through the web app).

  • Side by side comparison of Procore BIM model against VideoWalk or 360 photo.

  • Alignment locking to move through a VideoWalk/360 photo and automatically move the BIM model or vice versa.

  • Automatic updating of BIM model whenever updated in Procore.

  • Measure the distance between two objects on the BIM model and fly to navigate the model.

How To Access Integration

Users must have access to a project that has a floor plan that was uploaded from Procore AND the floor plan MUST have a BIM model associated with it in Procore.

If unsure if the drawing was uploaded from Procore, please reach out to Support to verify.

To verify whether the drawing is associated with a BIM model in Procore, go to Procore Tools --> Models and look at the models and see which drawings have gotten this alignment.

For more information on how to publish your BIM model mapped to your drawing, see Procore's Support page.


If your drawing in StructionSite wasn't uploaded from Procore originally and you have already captured content, follow the steps below:

1. Add the same drawing to StructionSite through the cloud from Procore that has a BIM model associated with it.

2. Use the "Transfer Content Tool" to transfer all existing content to the drawing that was just uploaded from Procore.

3. Once the transfer has been completed, delete the old (now empty) drawing from StructoinSite to .prevent new photos/VideoWalks from getting added to that drawing in the field

How To View

1. Open a drawing in StructionSite that has a Procore BIM model associated with it.

2. Select any VideoWalk node or 360 image and press "Compare BIM."

3. A split view will be shown of the image and your BIM model.

4. Align images to match each other and then select "Rotation Unlocked" to lock the images together.

Note: If you need to zoom in or zoom out to align better, try it on the StructionSite photo rather than the BIM model since the BIM model can sometimes zoom in or out very quickly.

5. While viewing images, you can use the measure feature from Procore by double-clicking between two parallel objects.

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected]

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