Activating Your Insta360 Camera

How to activate your Insta360 camera for capturing in the StructionSite app

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To connect your Insta360 camera to your mobile device and to capture using the StructionSite app, Insta360 requires that all cameras first be activated in the Insta360 app.

To activate your camera, follow these steps:

1. Make sure your camera has a sufficient charge—Insta360 requires a minimum of 10% battery power to activate the camera.

2. With your camera powered on, open the Insta360 app and, from the center of the toolbar at the bottom of your screen, select the yellow connect icon.

3. The app will direct to the "New device detected" page, which will list your Insta360 camera name. Here, select the camera.

4. After selecting the WiFi network, on your camera's display screen, confirm the connection to the camera by clicking the green checkmark icon.

5. In the prompt on your mobile device, connect to your camera's WiFi network by selecting "Join."

6. Next, on the "Activate camera" page, select "Activation."

7. The camera will then be activated, with the Insta360 app displaying the following notification:

NOTE: After you have activated your Insta360 camera, to avoid connection conflicts between apps, make sure you completely close out of the Insta360 app or delete it completely before connecting your camera to the StructionSite app.

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