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Manual Stitching VideoWalks Files
Manual Stitching VideoWalks Files

This article will cover how to stitch Insta 360 files for the manual upload process

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Note: These instructions are NOT the recommended practice for the VideoWalk workflow; this is just if you want to upload your own 360 Video from an Insta 360 camera without using the mobile application.

You can find the download for Insta360 Studio 2022 here.

After capturing your VideoWalk(s) you'll want to plug your camera into your computer. This works for both Mac and Windows PC. The Insta 360 One X by default captures each video in 2 files; one for each lens. The Insta360 Studio 2019 software allows you to stitch these files together and export an MP4 - this is part of the magic that is automated through the mobile upload workflow. 

The files will end in .insv and look very similar except for one mismatched 2 digit number 00/10 like this in your file viewer

You will then want to open up Insta360 Studio 2019, drag and drop the files into the Studio and the software will present you a reviewable single video file

You can then use the controls to review the footage. Note that Timelapse footage moves very quickly as it condenses 15 seconds of capture into 1 second of footage

Next you will need to make sure "Use FlowState Stabilization" is enabled and click the yellow export button, located next to "Progress"

In the video export settings please choose "360 Video" and a Bitrate of 48. You can also select the desired file path for a destination folder for the export and click "Start Export".

You will then be presented with a progress pop up of the export process. Once it's finished you can close the application and check out your video in the destination folder. 

After you're done exporting your MP4(s) you can now proceed to uploading the files directly into the WEB Application. Those instructions can be found here.

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