Note: These instructions are NOT the recommended practice for the VideoWalk workflow; this is just if you want to upload your own 360 Video from a Garmin VIRB or Insta360 camera without using the mobile application.

You will also need to request permission from your account representative to enable this option on a project to project basis.

Requirements for Garmin VIRB:

  • Updated Firmware (4.10 or later)

  • Capture Mode: Video - Timelapse - interval set to 1/2 second

  • Stitch Distance: Near for indoor - Far for Outdoor

Requirements for Insta360 camera: must review the manual stitching process before uploading to web app. This can be found here.

  • Capture Mode: Video - Timelapse - interval set to .5s

After recording and getting your files onto your computer for access to the WEB Application follow these instructions.

1. Go to and go to the project/drawing where you'd like to upload the VideoWalk.

2. Click on "+ Add" at the top right of the drawing, and choose 360 VideoWalk (Do NOT choose 360 Video, as that's just a static video in one location and not an actual accessible path).

3. Click on the part of the drawing where you started your VideoWalk, then click where you ended.

4. Drag/drop your video into the pop-up as shown, Select Timelapse, drag and drop your file into the dashed box and click submit

5. Wait for the VideoWalk to process the path. You will receive an email when processing has completed. 

We hope this article has been helpful and should you have any questions please reach out to [email protected]

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