Connecting Cameras in iOS

What connecting to camera's looks like on your Apple devices

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When you arrive at a drawing and are not currently connected to a camera but set to 360 mode you'll notice there is a camera and gear icon in place of the capture button.


Clicking on the camera/gear button will bring up a menu similar to the one below. If you have previously connected a camera to this device, it will display under previously used. For this example, we will. be connecting a new camera.


Select the plus button to add a new camera, then select the model you wish to add. This next screen contains reminders on how to connect to your camera. If you have never connected your camera to an iOS device, follow these steps to connect to the insa360 app.

Ensure you are connected to the camera's wifi network. You can do so in your device settings, under Wi-Fi.

After connecting to the camera return to StructionSite and you should see a confirmation for connection.

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