The photos you capture are much more useful if they can be shared with the rest of the staff or other teams (owner, architect, subs, etc.)

However, sometimes you just want users to quickly see a certain subset of photos (milestones as opposed to progress), or only certain drawings (and not the entire project). That's where exporting hyperlinked PDFs can come in handy!

An alternative to adding users to a project is to export a hyperlinked PDF that contains all of the 360/standard photos captured, that will link back to StructionSite when clicked. These links that are added are public encrypted links, which do not require a login. The PDFs can be viewed in any browser or PDF viewer like BlueBeam or Adobe Reader. 

Benefits to StructionSite's PDF export:

Lightweight PDF - Rather than attaching photos directly to a PDF, which will cause huge file-sizes/slowdowns when viewed in a PDF viewer like BlueBeam, you can export a lightweight PDF that only adds a few kilobytes of data to the file, which can easily be sent in an email. 

Public Encrypted Hyperlinks - The links added to the PDF will take the user to the photo within StructionSite, but not require any login. This will allow for a very low barrier to entry for others to access the photos. 

To get started: 

  1. On the web app, go to the drawing you'd like to export
  2. Leverage the "filter" button (if desired) to isolate just the photos you want to share (based on phase, date range, type, etc.)
  3. Click on the "Export" button on the top right of the drawing on the web app

4. A PDF file will then be generated and downloaded
5. Share the PDF with others

Note: If you'd prefer a more "self-serve" method where a user can view photos on any drawing, consider adding them to the team instead (as a collaborator or view-only user).

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