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Export Hyperlinked PDF Drawing for Sharing and Viewing Photos
Export Hyperlinked PDF Drawing for Sharing and Viewing Photos

Steps for exporting a PDF of a drawing to share with colleagues in order to view outside of StructionSite's web and mobile apps

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The content you capture on StructionSite can be shared with the rest of the staff or other teams (owner, architect, subs, etc.) via a hyperlinked PDF file that can be viewed in any web browser or PDF viewers, such as Bluebeam or Adobe Reader.

However, sometimes you just want users to quickly see a certain subset of photos (milestones as opposed to progress), or only certain drawings (and not the entire project). That's where exporting hyperlinked PDFs can come in handy!

An alternative to adding users to a project, is to export a hyperlinked PDF that contains all of your content captured on a project. The pins open a publicly encrypted StructionSite link, which does not require a login to view.

Benefits to StructionSite's PDF export:

Lightweight PDF -

  • Rather than attaching photos and VideoWalks directly to a PDF, which will cause huge file-sizes/slowdowns when viewed in a PDF viewer like Bluebeam, you can export a lightweight PDF that only adds a few kilobytes of data to the file, which can easily be sent in an email. 

Public Encrypted Hyperlinks -

  • The links added to the PDF will take the user to the photo or VideoWalk within StructionSite, but not require any login. This will allow for a very low barrier to entry for others to access the photos. 

Steps for exporting a publicly encrypted hyperlinked PDF: 

1. On the web app, open the drawing you'd like to export.

2. If desired, set the "filter" button to isolate just the photos you want to share (date range, media type, tags, and user).

3. On the menu of the left of your page, select "Export PDF."

4. The PDF file will be generated and emailed to the email address associated with your StructionSite user account.

NOTE: This email will be from [email protected] and may take a few moments to arrive in your inbox.

5. Once received, select "Download PDF" to complete the process. Then, feel free to share the PDF with your colleagues.

NOTE: The download link provided is only valid for 30 days after the export was requested. The PDF file included is active beyond this limit.

NOTE: If you'd prefer a more "self-serve" method where a user can view photos on any drawing, consider adding them to the team, as a collaborator or view-only user, following the steps here.

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected]

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