Throughout a construction project, floorplans will be revised. When you're capturing, it's important to always be adding new content to the most up-to-date drawing.

If you uploaded your drawing directly from your computer, you will need to manually update in the revised version onto your StuctionSite project. So users will not lose previously captured content, StrcutionSite allows users the ability to slipsheet in the new version to replace the previously uploaded floorplan, keeping all content pins in their original positions.

How to update your drawing:

1. First, ensure that the new sheet is the same size and scale as the currently uploaded drawing. If not, make adjustments in Bluebeam. 

2. In the project's Drawing tab, hover your cursor over the drawing and click "Edit."

3. In the "Edit Drawing" window, in the "Drawing File" field, select "Choose File."

4. Browse your computer for the latest drawing. Select the file and hit open.

5. You'll now see the revised drawing's file name populate in the "Drawing File" field. Here, to finalize this upload, click "Save." As long as your revised drawing is the same size and scale as the previous version, all of your pins will remain in the same spot.

NOTE: If your drawing was uploaded from the cloud, it automatically slipsheets when updated in the cloud platform. Slipsheeting occurs twice per day, at 12pm EST & 6pm EST. More info about this upload method here.

NOTE: After you've updated the drawing, you may notice the drawing itself hasn't changed. This is due to the previous drawing being cached. Try refreshing (F5) or (Shift + F5) or clear your cache then open up the drawing. 

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