Whether it's from the owner, architect or an RFI, your drawings will get updated many times during your project. StructionSite makes it easy to to update your drawing so you're always working on the most up to date version. Don't worry, your pins aren't going anywhere. 

If your drawing was originally uploaded from the cloud (ProCore, Egnyte, Box, Etc.) then when that drawing gets changed on your cloud-storage provider it'll automatically get slipped-sheeted into StructionSite, no need to worry about it! Read more info on this here:

If your drawing was pulled off of your machine when uploaded then you'll have to upload the drawing yourself.

First, ensure that the updated sheet is the same size & scale as the original. If not, make adjustments in Bluebeam. 

To update the drawing on StructionSite, hover over the drawing in the project view and click the 'Edit' option near the top.

Browse your machine for the latest drawing and then hit 'Save'

Your photos (pins) will stay in place so long as your drawing is the size and scale. 

NOTE: After you've updated the drawing, you may noticed the drawing itself hasn't changed. This is due to the previous drawing being cached. Try refreshing (F5) or (Shift + F5) or clear your cache then open up the drawing. 

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