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Adding Drawings from the Cloud
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Throughout a construction project, floorplans will be revised. When you're capturing, it's important to always be adding new content to the most up-to-date drawing.

To ensure that you're always capturing on the current drawing, we offer an upload method that syncs and automatically updates drawings from the most popular cloud-based construction software, including:

  • Procore (StructionSite App Required)

  • Egnyte

  • Box

  • PlanGrid

  • AutoDesk 360

  • OneDrive

  • DropBox

  • Sharepoint Online

Setting Up this Sync

1. On your project's Drawings tab, select "Add Drawing."

2. In the "Add Drawing" window, in the "Select Drawing" section, select your drawing's cloud source.

NOTE: If choosing "Cloud (PDF)," you will select your drawing's cloud source from a second window:

4. From here, steps vary per cloud provider. Follow the prompts on the next few screens to pick the drawings you'd like to sync. We recommend you choose only the drawings required for photo-capture purposes (i.e. architectural floorplans, exterior plans, etc.).

  • For Procore: You will be asked to provide your credentials in order to choose the project that contains the drawings you'd like to sync. Once logged in, choose your project and select the checkboxes next to the drawings you'd like to sync. Your credentials will stay secured on Procore's servers. You will need the Procore App installed to ensure the drawings are pulled in. Here is an article on how to set it up if you have not already.

  • For Egnyte: Input your company's page (i.e. and use your credentials to access the files you'd like to Sync.

  • For all others (Box, OneDrive, Sharefile, etc.): Use your login credentials to access your cloud provider and select which drawings to sync to StructionSite.

Update Frequency

On all cloud providers, slipsheeting is processed twice per day: Once in the morning and once at night.

Whenever a drawing gets updated on any of these cloud-storage platforms, the drawing will automatically be slipsheeted on StructionSite. As long as the revised sheet is the same dimensions as the previous drawing, all existing photos that you might have already captured will stay in place.

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected]

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