There are different types of plans for StructionSite based on your needs.

Company Plan: Gives you the best value for your buck on a per-project basis. Note: Larger companies tend to purchase several projects first prior to standardizing StructionSite within their company.

Project Plan: This plan gives you the full experience of StructionSite and it's integrations, enhanced workflows, and collaborative capabilities, without committing to all of your projects.

Individual (Lite) Plan: For those who want to dip their toes into StructionSite and mainly use it for CYA. If you're only objective is to take photos and export hyperlinked PDFs, and you don't need the integrations and enhanced workflows we've built, then this plan is good enough for you, as it's low risk and low cost. 

More details below:

Individual (Lite) Plan:

Pricing: $40/month/user ($400/year/user if paid yearly)

Features: Basic photo capture and sharing. You can export PDFs (both online and offline), and share with others. This is good for basic CYA (cover your assets) type of capture and for capturing general progress. This plan does not include the enhanced integration, collaboration, and other full-structionsite features. This is a good low-cost, low risk way to get into StructionSite and general 360 photo capture. Each user on a project created by someone on an Individual (Lite) plan will be charged on a per-user basis. If you're planning on having several users or more, or getting the entire project on board, then the other plans are typically much more cost effective. 

Project Team Plan:

Pricing: Based on % of project price, one time fee. Please inquire via chat/email for an quick quote.

Features: Unlimited users and duration. This plan is designed so that it can be handed off to the owner in an archived/read only fashion, with a predictable cost. If you are planning to use StructionSite fully as a complement to your virtual jobsite for weekly coordination meetings, schedule updates, owner-architect-contractor discussions, change orders, etc., this plan is for you. Includes:

  • Full collaboration, notes/live chat around 360 and standard photo content
  • Enhanced user permissions such as "View-Only"
  • Enhanced Photo tagging/organization
  • Sync photos and drawings with ProCore, Egnyte, Box, Citrix Sharefile, OneDrive, DropBox, FTP/Webdav, and many more
  • Access to features such as Navisworks Coordinated Model vs 360 Photo comparisons
  • Create or add RFI's within 360 photos that bi-directionally sync and is accessible with ProCore
  • Access to VideoWalk™ (10x faster than capturing photos)
  • Access to beta features

Company (Enterprise) Plan:

Pricing: Yearly, based on % of expected company revenue for the year, charged yearly. Multi-year discounts available. Please inquire via chat/email for a quick quote. Typically more cost-effective than project
plans due to bulk-discounting. 

Features: Includes everything in the Project Team Plans, plus:

  • Unlimited projects (and by extension, unlimited users)
  • The ability to have "enterprise-administrators", who can create an unlimited amount of paid-projects 
  • Quarterly Metrics Review on software adoption within your company (at request)
  • SSO with ProCore, BIM 360, and OpenID
  • Access to beta features

Before you decide on a plan, you can do the following:

  • Simply sign up. You'll be given a free 7 day individual trial to mess around with StructionSite to see if it'll be a good fit for your project
  • Request an extended 45 day pilot project, to add the entire project team and fully experience the benefits a virtual construction site will have on your project. 
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