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Admin Panel - Bulk User Action

Disable multiple users or Add multiple users to multiple projects

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Bulk Actions allows Enterprise Admins to add multiple users to multiple projects or disable multiple users at once. This feature is designed to help improve efficiency and streamline workflows, making it easier for Enterprise Admins to manage projects and users.

How to Perform Bulk Actions

To perform bulk actions, log in to the Admin Panel and navigate to the User list page. On the user's list, select the relevant users and select the Bulk Actions you want at the top, ‘Add to project’ or ‘Disable’. If adding users to projects, you can then choose which projects from your Enterprise group to add the selected user to.

Why Perform Bulk Actions?

Performing bulk actions can help to save time and improve efficiency, particularly when managing large projects or user groups. By performing multiple actions at once, Enterprise Admins can streamline workflows and focus their attention on more important tasks and eliminate the need to put in a request to our support team.

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