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Archiving Projects

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What is Project Archiving?

Project Archiving allows Enterprise Admins to easily archive projects that are no longer active or relevant. Archiving a project removes it from any project lists in StructionSite while still keeping it accessible from within the Admin Panel. This will make it easier for Enterprise Admins to manage their users' workspace and keep only relevant projects in their project list.

What does Archiving a project do to the project?

Archiving a project puts it in a View-Only state and removes it from any user's project list on both the web app and the mobile app. Any PDF downloads and public links shared will still work if a project is archived. Archiving a project does not remove the project’s capture data from your Enterprise Analytics page.

How to Archive a Project

To archive a project, log in to the Admin Panel and navigate to the project you want o archive. On a Project’s page, you can archive by checking the "Archive" box. Note: You do not have to save the project for these changes in status to stick.

Alternatively, you can archive a project, inline, directly from the Project List page by checking the ‘Archive’ box next to the project you want to archive. This will enable the quick archiving of legacy projects.

Why Archive a Project?

Archiving a project can help to streamline the process of managing projects and users by removing older projects from their project list. By archiving projects that are no longer active, Users can focus their attention on active projects, which helps improve efficiency and productivity.

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