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Locations setup and overview
Locations setup and overview

How to set up Locations, and how to use this tool available to Division and Enterprise customers.

Written by Nicole Heger
Updated over a week ago

Note: Locations is only available for Division and Enterprise plans. Only project administrators can setup locations, all users may view.

What is Locations?

The Locations tool allows you to easily get a pulse on the reality capture health of your project, and quickly identify what has been captured in a specific area over time, based on defined Locations. You’ll be able to click on a Location and see the number of VideoWalks, 360 and standard photos that have been captured there over time.

Filter and view images by date range, location, tags, and image quality to fully understand what happened in specific areas of your jobsite.

Watch the video above to learn how to set up locations and view it on your own projects.

Open Beta is now available to our Division and Enterprise customers! Full product rollout coming very soon.

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