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Set up the StructionSite Quick Access widget on iOS
Set up the StructionSite Quick Access widget on iOS

Use this StructionSite widget for direct access to your drawings and quick captures on your iOS phone.

Written by Nicole Heger
Updated over a week ago

The StructionSite Quick Access Widget on iOS directly navigates to your drawing from your home screen for quick capturing.

Why use this widget?

This widget gives you quick access to your most recently captured drawings, allowing you to start capturing on those same drawings immediately, without having to navigate the StructionSite app to find the project and drawing first.

How does it work?

  • Add the StructionSite widget to your screen.

  • The widget will populate your most recently captured drawings.

  • Tap any of the drawings listed to jump directly to it and start capturing

Who should use this widget?

This widget is ideal for superintendents who want to quickly snap a standard photo and have it captured in StructionSite, and for power users who frequently capture. This widget launches you directly to your drawing ready to capture. Simply tap the drawing from the widget, align your directional arrow and capture a photo.

How to set up the widget on iOS

Add the StructionSite widget to your screen

  • Long hold an empty space on your home screen to add a widget

  • Tap on the plus “+” button on the top left of your screen to search available widgets.

  • Search and select the StructionSite App

  • Choose between a small (two-item list) or large (five-item list) widget and tap the “Add Widget” button at the bottom of your screen

  • Hold and drag the widget to place on the desired scene.

  • Tap “Done” at the top right of the screen.

How to Use

  • With the StructionSite widget on your screen, simply tap on one of your drawings. This will immediately download your project to your device and open that drawing.

  • On the floor plan, you can start capturing directly with your phone’s camera in "Standard" mode or with a 360 camera by connecting to your camera.

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