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Import Autodesk Sheets to StructionSite Drawings
Import Autodesk Sheets to StructionSite Drawings
Written by Nicole Heger
Updated over a week ago

Autodesk Sheets (Drawings) can now be manually imported to StructionSite through the StructionSite App, which is now available in the ACC (Autodesk Construction Cloud) App store. When installed, the app allows the user to search and find a Sheet in an Autodesk project and import to StructionSite using the data integration process.

Steps to importing Autodesk Sheets to StructionSite Drawings:

  1. Download the StructionSite app in the Autodesk ACC Build or BIM360 App Store.

    • First, users should log into

    • In upper left side, select “Account Admin”

    • Then, select “Apps” and choose the StructionSite app.

2. Install the StructionSite app.

3. With the App installed, you can import Sheets (Drawings) into StructionSite from the Autodesk Project Files Folder.

4. Go to, login and go to your Project Settings Page.

Under “Automated Photo Archiving” click “Other.”

5. Select “Autodesk” as a source.

6. Select “Continue” if you have already activated your StructionSite app in Autodesk. If you have not added the app, go to Autodesk, add the StructionSite App, and then return to this site and continue.

7. Click “allow” to allow the data integration between the two systems.

8. To share an Autodesk Sheet to StructionSite as a Drawing in a Project,

first go to the Drawing page in the StructionSite Project. Click on the “Add Drawing” button.

9. Click on “Cloud (PDF)" as a source.

10. You will then see Folders in the Autodesk Project Files Folder. Choose the folder where the PDF is located and click on the PDF to start the transfer.

11. The drawing will be then be added to the StructionSite Project Drawings page.

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