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Photo archiving in Autodesk Build
Photo archiving in Autodesk Build

How to set up photo archiving to Autodesk Build

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StructionSite Photos can now be archived to Autodesk through the StructionSite App which is now available in the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) App store. When installed, the app allows the user to create and use an integration that will archive all StructionSite Photos to the Autodesk Project.

Steps to Set Up Photo Archiving to Autodesk Build

  1. Download the StructionSite app in the Autodesk ACC Build or BIM360 App Store

    1. In upper left side, choose “Account Admin”

    2. Next choose “Apps” and choose the StructionSite app

2. Choose the StructionSite App and install the app.

3. With the App installed you can archive photos and bring Sheets (Drawings) into StructionSite from the Autodesk Project Files Folder

4. Go to, Login and go to your Project Settings Page. Under Integrations, select the connect button for Autodesk and follow the on screen prompts.

5. Choose “Continue” if you have already activated your StructionSite app in Autodesk. If you have not added the app, go to Autodesk and add the StructionSite App and then return to this site and continue

6. Click “allow” to allow the data integration between the two systems.

7. Choose the main folder you want to have your photos in. A folder will be systematically be created for each drawing in StructionSite. Photos in each drawing will now archive to the sub folder for that drawing.

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected]

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