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How StructionSite integrates with Autodesk SSO

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Autodesk SSO for StructionSite

  1. Download the StructionSite app in the Autodesk ACC Build or BIM360 App Store.

    1. This is the unauthenticated link for reference. .

    2. The User should:

    In upper left side, choose “Account Admin”

    Next choose “Apps” and choose the StructionSite app.

  2. Choose the StructionSite App and install the app.

  3. Log into StructionSite and go to “My Account” Page.

    1. Under “Sign in Method” click on “Switch to Autodesk”

  4. Click “Allow” in the Autodesk Authorize Application popup.

  5. You will be sent back to StructionSite and logged in with Autodesk SSO. You can now use Autodesk credentials to Log into StructionSite.

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