You can use a Public or Private Project Sharing Link from a StructionSite project to enable a public or private partner card within the Autodesk Build Insights or BIM 360 Project Home Dashboard. An Autodesk user must first have access to, and be within a specific project in ACC, and then the user can access the Insights Dashboard or BIM 360 Project Home Dashboard where the Partner Card is located.

Private Project Sharing:

All StructionSite users of the project will be able to see current statistics of the project, and click on the partner card for the StructionSite project to open in a new tab. This access is generally for active users of the project.

Public Project Sharing:

This allows for read-only access to the StructionSite project, directly within the partner card. This view is generally given to executives or Owners.

Here’s how to set up for Public or Private Project Sharing:

  1. In StructionSite, click into a Project, and then go to the Settings tab.

  2. At the bottom of the Settings tab, look for the Private Project Sharing URL and click on the COPY button. This will copy the URL for use in your Autodesk dashboards.

  3. Go to Insights Dashboard. In the upper right side, click on CUSTOMIZE. Next, click on CARD LIBRARY.

  4. Search for the StructionSite Partner Card and select it. Click on the ADD CARD button.

  5. Next, go to the new StructionSite Partner Card and click the customize button.

  6. Enter:

    1. Card Title - Name of the project or anything else you want to call it.

    2. Partner URL - This is the URL that was copied previously in StructionSite.

  7. Click the SAVE button on the Dashboard page.

  8. Setting up the Public Project Sharing link is the same process, except you will use the PUBLIC link in StructionSite.

To use Project Sharing in Autodesk Build Insights or BIM 360 Project Home Dashboard:

  1. Go to the Insights or BIM360 Dashboard page

  2. Click on the Public or Private Partner Card.

  3. If you click on the Public Partner Card

    1. Project will open within the partner card and be READ ONLY access.

  1. If you Click on the Private Partner Card

    1. Project will open in a NEW browser tab.

      1. If you were previously logged into StructionSite, you will be authenticated and taken directly to the project.

      1. If you were not previously logged into StructionSite, you will be taken to the login page.

  2. To reiterate, Public links open in the same partner card and Private links open in a new browser tab. Private opens in a new Browser tab due to security issues with opening an authenticated link within an iFrame.

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