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Wired Connection to the Insta360 One X For Android
Wired Connection to the Insta360 One X For Android

How to connect the Insta360 One X to the StructionSite mobile app through a wired connection for Android

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Configuring The Camera

1. Before plugging the camera into your mobile device or tablet, make sure the USB connection is set to Android.

2. Power on ONE X, select the smaller button two times (or until you are on the gear icon,) then select the bigger button.

3. From here, push the bigger button until you see "About."

4. Once on this screen, scroll down to "USB" using the small button and switch to Android if it is on iOS.

5. You are now set to connecting to the StructionSite app.

Connecting To StuctionSite:

Note: To avoid conflict between apps, make sure the Insta360 ONE X app is closed.

1. To initiate this process, in the StructionSite Mobile app, open a drawing and select "360," then click the "Connect" icon.

3. In “Select Camera,” choose the Insta360 ONE X.

4. Once on the "Connect Camera" screen, plug in your wire connection from the ONE X to your Android device to pull up a prompt. This prompt will ask you to select which app you are using for the USB connection. Select "StructionSite."

NOTE: When selecting the StructionSite app, you can select "Just Once" (this prompt will show up every time) or "Always" (no prompt anymore after this selection.)

5. Now from the "Connect Camera" screen, choose "Connect with Transfer Cable."

6. Your camera will now be connected as indicated by an orange capture button.

Note: When capturing, airplane mode should be turned OFF as it will block VideoWalk file transfers from occuring.

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