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How to Update Firmware on Insta360 Cameras
How to Update Firmware on Insta360 Cameras
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Updating the Insta360 Camera Firmware

1. Connect your camera to the Insta360 app.

2. In the Insta360 app, open the "Settings" page, which is displayed as the hex nut icon in the menu at the bottom right of your screen.

3. Under "Camera Settings," the line titled "Firmware version" will list your camera’s current firmware.

4. To trigger the update, next to “Firmware version,” click on version listed. In this example, it's listed as v1.1.16.

5. In the window that opens here, select “Start to download.”

6. The camera will begin downloading the latest firmware version. This process may take several minutes to complete.

7. Once the download has finished, select “Update Now.”

8. The Insta360 app will upload the new firmware to your camera, which may also take a few minutes.

9. The “Waiting for camera to complete firmware update” window will open. Here, your camera is finalizing the update, and will automatically restart once complete.

10. After your camera has restarted, reconnect it in the Insta360 app. In the “Settings” page, you will now see the most recent firmware version listed.

Note: After the firmware has been updated, please fully close the Insta360 app before attempting to capture on StructionSite again.

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