With StructionSite's Navisworks Manage plugin, you can import panoramic images from your coordinated BIM model. Since the images extracted from Navisworks are, in essence, "future progress photos," you can employ our Split View tool to leverage the coordinated BIM model images for side-by-side comparison views between field-captured 360 Photos.

Use cases for our Navisworks plugin include:

  • Comparing current progress against "what should be installed," according to the latest coordinated content
  • Allow non-BIM users to access and collaborate around the coordinated model, without having to learn how to fly around and manipulate a model
  • Roughly verify installation based on placement relative to other known elements (like steel)
  • Take the model to the field as an X-Ray Mode overlay

The current workflow for this plugin imports BIM model photos onto your drawing's 360 Photos, and not compatible with Standard Photos or VideoWalk frames. So, before importing images from Navisworks, ensure that your drawing has plenty of 360 Photo pins from which the BIM model image locations can be generated.

Downloading and Acitaving Your Plugin

Download the Navisworks Plugin here (last updated: January 5th, 2021) and, to avoid conflicts, install while your Navisworks is closed.

To install the plugin, users need a valid StructionSite login and a current version of Navisworks Manage or Simulate (2016 - 2021).

NOTE: Navisworks Freedom does not support any plugins.

We have made dramatic improvements to our Navisworks workflow experience. The top benefits include:

  • A significantly more intuitive alignment workflow that just requires a point-and-click to match the drawing to the model, all without ever needing to leave the plugin
  • Uploading images to the web app is much easier and happens automatically, no need to leave the plugin
  • You can manage all batches that you've uploaded, for easy viewing or bulk deleting in case you made any mistakes in alignment
  • Significant improvements that make the app more stable and complete

Setting Up the Plugin

Once the plugin installation has successfully completed, you will see the StructionSite plugin tab appear as an option in your Navisworks toolbar.

Now you're ready to begin the setup process. Make sure that you have your BIM model open in Navisworks.

Setup Steps

1. Select the "Align" icon on the top left of your screen. Sign-in with your StructionSite user account credentials.

2. Choose the StructionSite project and drawing on which you'd like to import your Coordinated BIM Model images.

3. Click "Next." You will then be prompted to select one alignment point on the StructionSite drawing and hit "Done." Here, we recommend choosing the top left corner of the floorplan.

4. You will then select the same alignment point on the BIM Model in Navisworks. You will be a screenshot of where the pin was selected on the corresponding drawing.

A yellow sphere will appear on the model, indicating your selected alignment point. If you need to adjust this, you are able to continue clicking until the point is set correctly. When ready, click "Next" to set this alignment point.

5. Then you will be prompted to repeat these steps to capture the second alignment point. We recommend selecting the bottom right corner of the floorplan and model.

6. Next, you will be prompted to set a perspective for the model photos. To set this, use the Orbit tool, navigate and pan into the model. Them, click on "Select Floor," and click onto the floor of the BIM Model. A yellow hemisphere will appear on the model's floor.

7. You will be prompted to set a tag and a date for the imported images, which can be leveraged to filter displayed drawing content in StructionSite.

For tags, you can use anything, though we recommend using a tag like "BIM" or "Model." For the date, many users prefer to set this to a date prior to the site doc captures began, so the images appear first on their Progress Photo Timeline. Once you've set your tag and date, click "Next.

8. Your Coordinated BIM Model photos will begin processing. Once completed, you will see these images appear on your drawing in StructionSite. From there, you can leverage our Split View tool side-by-side comparisons, as well as bringing the model onsite using our X-Ray Mode overlay.

Common Troubleshooting

If for whatever reason you need to bulk delete images imported from Navsiworks, you can do so by following these steps:

1. At the StructionSite plugin tools menu, select "Manage."

2. Click on the import date for these images, the select the trashcan icon to delete all images imported in this batch.


If any updates are made to your coordinated BIM model after you have imported photos onto your StructionSite drawing, follow these steps to import the updated model images:

1. In Navisworks, open the corresponding model and select "Batch Create" in the StructionSite plugin tools.

2. From your StructionSite drawing, select the + pin on the top left corner, and in the drop-down menu, select "Coordinated BIM." Then click "Export Coordinates."

3. Return to Navisworks, and under "Select Drawing CVS," upload this new CSV file.

4. Hit "OK." Wait for the images to generate. A new .zip file will open.

5. Go back to StructionSite, choose "Import Photos," and select this new .zip file.


If your Navisworks photos import blacked out or with errant color differences in the panels, make sure the model lighting is set to "Full Lights." To check, in Navisworks, select the "Viewpoints" tab, then select "Lighting," and set to "Full Lights."


One of the most frequent issues users may encounter with the Navisworks plugin is that the imported photos do not match the correct locations on their StructionSite drawing. If this occurs, review the alignment points set on your model match those initially set on your drawing.

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions please reach out to

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