How to Delete a Tag

Deleting a single tag or bulk deleting tags on Web app and Mobile

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Tagging is essential to keeping your project organized and consistent with documentation. However, there may be times a tag was accidentally added to a project, a single image, or no longer needed. In these cases, any Admin on a project can delete the tags following the steps below.

Bulk deleting Tags on Web App:

1. From the project homepage, navigate to the "Settings" tab.

2. On the right hand side, you will see a section labeled "Media Tags."

3. Hover your curser over a tag you wish to delete from the project and select the trashcan icon.

NOTE: You will receive a final confirmation message indicating the tag will be deleted off of all images and can not be undone.

5. Once confirmed, the tag will be deleted from the project.

Deleting a Single Tag on Web app:

1. Select pin on drawing which has a tag you wish to delete.

2. Select the Edit tags button.

3. Click the "x" icon on the tag you want to delete.

4. Once done, hit "save" and the tag will now be deleted from your image.

Deleting a Single Tag on Mobile:

1. Select pin on drawing which has a tag you wish to delete.

2. On the bottom menu, select Add tag.

3. You will see a list of all tags on the project followed by checked tags that indicate the tag is on the image. From here, swipe the tag to the left to delete it.

NOTE: Android does not have check marks. You will click the name of the tag to remove.

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