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Enterprise Analytics Dashboard

Review capture and usage data for Enterprise accounts at both a company-wide and project-specific level

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The Enterprise Analytics Dashboard is a premium feature available to Enterprise Admins which provides insights into your team's usage of StructionSite at the company and project levels.

This dashboard will display data for content captures and views so that Enterprise Admins can assure their teams are effectively leveraging StructionSite across their company's projects. Tactically and strategically, this provides insight as to which projects are on track and which need following-up.

Accessing this Dashboard:

To access this dashboard, first, log into the StructionSite Web App. Then, on your Project's List, select the "Enterprise Analytics" button on the top-right of your page, under your profile pic, next to the "Add Project" icon:

Data Tracked:

At the company level, Enterprise Admins will be able to track data in numeral tables and interactive charts. These items track and list data for projects, users, and content captured.

The total number of projects and total users, as well as the number of projects created and users add by month, are listed first:

Next, you will find data for the highest total capture volume by all teammates, listed here as "Photo Champions" and "VideoWalk Champions":

Clicking on any teammate's name in this list will direct you to their specific dashboard, where you will find comprehensive data for their user level capture data.

Back at the company level dashboard, further breakdowns for VideoWalk capture data, such as total VideoWalks and month-by-month captures are available:

A similar comprehensive breakdown is also available for photos. Data is divided by 360 and Standard Photos, as well as total and month-by-month captures:

Lastly, at the company level, you will see a list of projects. This list contains important usage info, including when content was last captured and the totals for VideoWalks, 360 Photos, Standard Photos, and users associated with the project:

Here, like the users list, selecting a project from this list will direct you to its specific dashboard, where you will find comprehensive capture and usage data particular to this project:

Exporting Data

All charts and graphs can be exported as a .csv, .xlsx, and .json file that can then be brought into Excel, Power BI, and similar platforms.

To export data, hover your cursor over the chart, and select the cloud download icon. Then, in the drop-down menu, select your desired file type. Once selected, the file will download directly through your web browser.

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected].


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