While we always recommend capturing images directly through the StructionSite app, sometimes it may be more convenient to manually upload content from your desktop at a later time. In these cases, StructionSite allows users to upload content directly from your desktop.

To Add Content from Your Desktop to a New Pin:

NOTE: Steps 1-4 are for adding new pins. Progress pins can be added by selecting an existing pin and choosing the camera add icon. Start from step 5 after.

1. Open the drawing you want to manually upload content on.

2. Click the upper left hand image of a β€œ+” icon.

3. Select which media you wish to upload.

4. Choose the destination on which you want the pin to be located.

5. A screen will appear for you to drag and drop your media, or you can click into the box to open your desktop files.

6. After the file has been selected, press Submit.

7. You will now see the new pin or Progress Photo on your drawing.

NOTE: You can adjust the rotation of your pin prior to uploading, but we find it easier to do manually after the pin is placed.

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected]

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