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Setup and manual status process for tracking progress on soffits

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StructionSite now allows SmartTrack users to track progress on soffits. These can be added in any potential shape, such as L-shape and U-shape soffits.


To setup soffit QTOs, users will need to be a project admin. To begin, select the Setup tab, then using the "Draw" tool, begin tracing around the frame of the room in which you're setting up the soffit.

How to setup soffits:

1. Start drawing the soffit by clicking a beginning point and dragging your cursor.

2. To complete a soffit segment, select inside of the white square. To pivot around a corner, after clicking in the white square, continue dragging your cursor in the corresponding wall direction.

NOTE: The "Draw" tool defaults to drawing vertical and horizontal lines. Hold the Shift key to draw lines at an angle.

3. To close a soffit, click on the white square again.

4. To input soffit information, such as side and bottom height and materials, switch from the "Draw" tool to the "Default" cursor.

5. Holding shift, use the "Default" cursor and click on all of the soffit lines for which you'd like to input information. The selected soffit lines will highlight yellow.

6. Next, to open the Properties menu, click on one of the selected soffits.

Indicate whether the soffits have metal studs, and, for each side and bottom, input stud and drywall height and layers. (Studs and drywall can be set at different lengths.) Then, click "Save" to confirm this information.


Adding or Editing a Status

Soffit statuses will appear on your drawing as follows:

  • Completed soffit segments will be represented by solid lines. Green for bottom, navy blue for studs, and light blue for drywall.

  • In progress and partially complete bottom, studs, and drywall will be represented as dashed, colored lines.

  • Soffits yet to be started will display as dashed grey lines.

How to setup soffits:

1. Under the Process tab, first load a VideoWalk. Then, to begin statusing soffits, select the "Default" cursor.

2. Set your Layers to only display soffits, then click on the soffit(s) you want to status.

NOTE: To select multiple soffits, hold the Shift key, and either click each soffit separately or click and drag your cursor over all the soffits.

3. Once you have selected, click on one of the soffit segments to open the Properties menu.

4. Here, for each side and bottom, indicate the progress of studs, each drywall layer, and tape.

NOTE: When statusing, only two of the three fields can be displayed at a time. To open or collapse these fields, simply click on the corresponding header.

5. After you have updated the statuses, select "Save" to confirm the status.

6. Lastly, please ensure that the VideoWalk status is marked "Complete."

NOTE: VideoWalks with a status not marked as "Complete" will not sum into your SmartTrack metrics.

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected]


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