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Adding Notes to your project images and communicating with teams through Note @mentions

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StructionSite allows users to add notes to images and VideoWalks. Among the many use cases, notes can be used to add context to an image, highlight issues, or function as an RFI.

When adding a note, users can also @mention other project members in order to call the note to their attention. This can be useful when you notice an issue that requires immediate attention. The teammate you @mention will receive a link to the image you notated through both an email and a push notification on their mobile device.

How to add a note on the Web App:

1. Open the pin to view in full-screen, or “Timelapse View,” the image or VideoWalk in which you want to add a note

2. Once the image is in “Timelapse View,” either click the “Add note” icon on the toolbar on the right side of the image

3. Once you select “Add note” you will be directed to pick a spot on the image to add the note

NOTE: Rather than selecting “Add note” and clicking onto a point on the image, you can simply click any particular spot on the image to bring up the “Add note” window

4. Here, add your note. If you’d like to direct the note to a particular project member, you can @mention them to be notified by typing “@” then type their name

NOTE: All notes are visible to anyone with access to the project, even notes with @mentions

How to view all notes on the Web App:

On the project page, navigate to the notes tab on the left hand side. Here, users have the ability to see all notes in one place for a given project. Clicking a note will take you to the existing capture that the note belongs to. Notes can be filtered by a pre-set date range, or by applying a custom date range.

NOTE: If you want to view notes on a different project, select the down pointing arrow on the top of the screen and choose the project you want to view

How to add a note on the Mobile iOS App:

NOTE: Adding notes is not currently available on the Android app.

1. Open the pin to view in full-screen, or “Timelapse View,” the image or VideoWalk in which you want to add a note.

2. Once the image or VideoWalk is in “Timelapse View,” touch and hold anywhere on the screen where you wish to place a note.

3. Ensure you are set to "view", as shown below.

NOTE: Selecting the “Add Note” icon on mobile will just share the instructions listed in Step 2

4. The “Add Note” window will open

  • Here, first add a title to the note. (This step is required.)

  • Then, add your note in the “Detailed description” section.

  • If you’d like to @mention a teammate, select “Team members, then choose the teammate from the list of all project members, and click done.

  • Lastly, click “Submit” to finalize the upload of the note.

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected].

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