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Tags allow you to add additional information to your QTO. Add details such as locations, phases, materials, cost codes, or labor codes.

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Adding SmartTrack Tags gives you the ability to filter and review progress and percentage complete based on customized categories. Since tags can be added to overall walls, drywall layers, studs, and ceilings individually, this allows you to better understand and track how efficiently manpower is working in various jobsite conditions.

For example, Superintendents and Foremen may want to add tags based on how they will sequence the build-out, such as tags for areas, crews or phases. The Project Manager and Project Engineer may want to tag other information, such as labor and material cost codes. SmartTrack Tags give you the ability to tag relevant information to your specific project or situation.

Uploading SmartTrack Tags to a Project

Tags can be uploaded in the Project Settings tab, under SmartTrack Tags field:

In the "Type new tag..." field, enter in the name of the tag you'd like to upload to your project. Then, select "Add" to complete the tag upload. To bulk upload tags, users can paste in a comma-delimited list, as seen above.

NOTE: If you delete a tag listed in the "Settings" page, it will delete the tag from the project and any walls and ceilings onto which the tag was applied.

Tags can also be uploaded to a project by adding a new tag directly to a wall or ceiling segment in the Setup tab:

Adding Tags to Walls and Ceilings

To begin adding tags to walls and ceilings, open your drawing through the SmartTrack tab. Then, select "Setup."

Next, if you're wanting to tags to specific scopes you will want to filter the different SmartTrack layers. This can be helpful for tagging things like material types or cost codes.

To do so, under Layers, select the drop-down icon next to "All Layers Visible." Here, uncheck the box beside the segments you do not want to tag.

How to add tags:

1. Select the wall or ceiling segment on which you'd like to add tags.

2. Double-click on the selected wall or ceiling segment to open the Properties window. Here, under the Tags pane, click the "Tags" drop-down to open a list of all tags added to the project. You can also type in the tag name to sort the desired tag to the top of the tags list.

NOTE: In the Tags dropdown, if you select "Wall," "Ceiling," or "Drywall," the tag will be added to that entire system. To add tags to a particular drywall layer or to studs, use this dropdown to select this particular portion of the wall or ceiling system.

3. Select the tag you'd like to add. You will see the tag populate in the Properties window as a gray tab. Lastly, to finalize the tag addition, select "Save."

Filtering Tags to View Quantity and Progress Information

When filtering, to view Quantity info, select "Setup." To view progress, select the "View" tab.

1. In the Tags panel, click on the arrow next to "None" to open the "Select Tags" drop-down list.

2. From this tags list, select the tag (or tags) you'd like to apply to this filter.

3. Click out of the "Select Tags," and you will now see your quantity and progress information update to only display the tagged wall or ceiling segments.

NOTE: When filtering by tags, portions not included with the selected tag will display on your drawing as solid black lines.

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