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Adding Identifiers to classify and search your projects

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Adding Project Identifiers allows users to better organize, categorize, and now search among projects. Since StructionSite does not limit this feature to any preset identifiers, you can create unique identifiers specific to your company's approach to identifying projects.

For Project Identifiers, depending on how your company identifies projects, we recommend including things like project ID numbers, regional divisions, assigned project manager, and favorites.

How to add Project Identifiers:

1. From your Project Dashboard, select a project and navigate to the "Settings" page.

2. Click into the "Project Identifiers" field, and type in the name of the Identifier you want to add.

3. On your keyboard, hit "Enter" to add the Identifier to your project.

NOTE: Users are required to upload each Project Identifier individually, so comma-delimited lists are not compatible with this feature.

4. Once you have added all of the Project Identifiers, to finalize this process, select "Save Changes." After adding Identifiers, you will see them listed beside the project name in your projects list:

How to Search Projects Using Identifiers:

Project Identifiers allow users to filter their project list by searching one or more of the added Identifiers.

1. To leverage the Project Identifiers feature, navigate to your projects list.

2. In the project search bar, type in one or more of the Project Identifiers you've associated with a project.

3. Hit your "Enter" key to confirm the search. You'll see the project lists filters to only display projects including the corresponding Identifiers:


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