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Maintaining Insta360 Camera Storage Space for Optimal Capture Functionality
Maintaining Insta360 Camera Storage Space for Optimal Capture Functionality

Workflow for clearing your insta360 camera SD card to avoid onsite capture issues

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All content captured on your insta360 camera is saved on an SD Card. If your SD Card's storage space is running low, you may encounter inhibited capture functionality. To avoid this, we recommend maintaining a wealth of available space by routinely saving these files on your computer and clearing your SD card.

NOTE: Before proceeding with these steps, please confirm that you have synced all pending items in your mobile app.

Steps for saving files and clearing your SD Card:

Prior to clearing your SD Card, we recommend backing up the files by saving them on your computer.

1. To access your 360 camera's saved files, connect the SD to your computer in one of two ways:

  • Insert the SD card directly into your computer using a Micro SD card adapter.

  • With the camera turned on, connect to your computer via a USB cable to access the SD card.

2. The SD Card will open on your computer as a D: drive. To access your images and videos, select DCIM.

3. Navigate to the SD card's image folder, and select all the image files.

4. Transfer these to the folder on your computer in which you'd like to save the images and videos.

5. Wait for the content to finish copying.

6. Once the items have copied to the new folder on your computer, you can delete these items from your SD Card by right-clicking and selecting "Delete."

Reformatting SD Card (Specific to One X camera)

Alternatively, if you have already backed up your files, you can clear storage by reformatting the SD Card either directly on the ONE X itself, or by using the Insta360 ONE X app.

Steps for reformatting directly on the ONE X:

1. Press the Power button (smaller button) until you see the Gear icon (Camera Settings), then press the Shutter button (larger button) to open this option.

2. Press the Shutter button four times to get to the Info section, which is represented by an ! icon.

3. Press the Power button to navigate to "Format." Then press the Shutter button to select this section.

4. Select the βœ“ icon by pressing the Power button. Then wait a few seconds for your ONE X to reformat the SD Card. You camera will be unresponsive for a few seconds.

Steps for reformatting your SD Card using the ONE X app:

1. Open the Insta360 ONE X app, then select "Settings."

2. Under "Camera Settings," select "SD card management."

3. In the SD card management page, select "Format."

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