NOTE: Installing the firmware from the Insta360 app or website will only support 360 Photo capture, not VideoWalk. Follow the steps below to use the Insta360 ONE R for VideoWalk.

Updating the Insta360 ONE R firmware for VideoWalk compatibility:

1. Download this VideoWalk compatible firmware.

NOTE: Once downloaded, ensure that this file is saved as "Insta360OneRFW.bin", otherwise your ONE R will not be able to update the firmware.

2. Connect your ONE R to your computer in one of two ways:

  • Insert the Micro SD card directly into your computer using a Micro SD card adapter.
  • With the camera turned on, connect your ONE R to your computer via a USB cable to access the Micro SD card.

3. Drag and drop the "Insta360OneRFW.bin" file into the root folder of the micro SD Card.

NOTE: The Micro SD card’s root folder is the highest folder in which you can drop the .bin file. You'll see the DCIM directory also stored in the root folder.

4. Unplug the camera from the computer, or if you connected the Micro SD card directly to the computer, eject the Micro SD card, and insert it back into your ONE R.

5. Wait for the new firmware file to be detected. You'll see a "Checking firmware" notification on your ONE R's screen. The camera will then idle momentarily while updating.

6. Wait for your camera to complete the update. Once complete, your ONE R will restart automatically.

You can confirm the firmware updated correctly by checking in the ONE R's settings. To do so, swipe top-down on the ONE R's screen, then swipe right to left. Scroll down and select "Camera info." Here, you'll see your firmware listed as v1.1.26.

Alternatively, you can check in the ONE R app. Connect the camera, then navigate to "Settings." Under "Camera Settings," the line titled "Firmware version" will list your camera’s current firmware to match the version compatible for VideoWalks. NOTE: The ONE R app will prompt you to update your firmware to the latest version—which will not be compatible with VideoWalk—here, select "cancel."

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