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SmartTrack Frequently Asked Questions
SmartTrack Frequently Asked Questions
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How accurate is the tracking?

The image recognition is able to status each image within ~1 linear foot of accuracy.

How accurate is the takeoff setup?

The setup of quantities is equivalent to two different estimators. We have found from one to another that the estimates will vary around 5%. This difference can result from one estimator drawing lines through the middle of a wall instead of along the outside of the wall, the way scales are set, or if lines are drawn to the end of or past a wall length.

Do you have integrations?

Data collected in SmartTrack can be exported as a CSV file. We plan on building integrations in the future. Please reach out to our team if you have a specific integration in mind.

Do you have the ability to add manpower, hours, or cost codes to walls?

These features are commonly requested, and we are looking into building these.

What different items do you track?

For Walls, we track:

  • Top and Bottom Track

  • Framing

  • Top-down / Priority Walls

  • Partial Drywall

  • Layers Drywall

  • Plywood Wall Finish

  • Drywall Grid Framing

For Ceilings, we track:

  • Framing

  • 1 to 3 Layers Drywall

Can we use 360 photos for production tracking?

No, only VideoWalks can be used for SmartTrack.

What are your plans for BIM model integrations?

We currently have a Navisworks integration. We have plans to further our model integrations in the near future to give other ways to derive quantities and potentially verify installation.

What if I have a model with quantities?

The model information can be formatted and exported from the model in PDF format for SmartTrack setup.

If I've already captured VideoWalks on the project, how far back do you run SmartTrack?

We will run production tracking for all VideoWalks captured during the setup or pilot period.

What types of quantity takeoffs can be used for the setup?

Since we aren't integrated with any estimating takeoff tools at the moment, this allows us to use any kind of takeoffs without restriction. Takeoffs just need to include the information we require:

  • Linear Footage of Framing

  • Square Footage of Drywall

  • Wall types (Layers of Drywall)

  • Wall Heights

How frequently do I need to capture VideoWalks?

Capture consistency is based on how often you need to document your site or the progress of work being installed.

What is the turnaround time for SmartTracks to be processed?

This will depend on the SmartTrack plan purchased. The 1X plan is currently the only plan we have available:

1X - Weekly:

Frequency: VideoWalk each area of your project 1x per week for weekly production tracking with SmartTrack. Note: All VideoWalks captured must be synced by 7pm on Thursday

Delivered: Friday at 7 a.m.

More plan options will be available in the future. Please reach out your account executive to learn more.

Can we track acoustical ceilings?

Not yet, but we plan to work on this ability.

When bottom track/top track is tracked and it’s partially complete, does that partial completion factor into the numbers on the dashboard?

The dashboard will show the sum of all top and bottom tracks installed.

How are the studs tracked: linear foot of stud vs linear foot of wall on the stud?

We track the linear footage of wall length framed, not the linear footage of framing.

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected]

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