Among the numerous benefits of StructionSite, the VideoWalk and Progress Photo features are the most invaluable because they allow users to tangibly track progress throughout the life of a project. To fully leverage these features, StructionSite also provides users the ability to review progress with side-by-side image comparisons through our Split View tool.

What the Split View tool looks like:

How to access this feature on the Web:

  1. Choose a progress photo or progress VideoWalk pin.

  2. To bring up the tools menu, double-click the image preview to open the pin image in full-screen.

  3. On the right side of your screen, select the Split View feature icon from the tools menu. 

  4. This will open a side-by-side image of the most recent previous capture.

Once completing this step, you're able to navigate through comparison images from different capture dates.

For Web

  1. In the comparison image half-screen, select the drop-down arrow in the "Timelapse View" toolbar.

  2. This opens an image preview window in the top left of the comparison image.

  3. Using the timeline bar or the timeline drop-down, select the date of the image you're wanting to view.

  4. This image will now show in the image preview window, just click this preview to open this in the comparison image half-screen.


For panoramic images, you're able to simultaneously rotate to the same perspective in both images. 

  1. Adjust the angle of view so both images' perspectives match.

  2. In between both images, select the "Rotation Unlocked" icon, which will then change to the orange "Movement Locked" icon, indicating that the rotation is synced for both images. NOTE: In the Mobile app, these icons are listed as "Unlocked" and "Locked."

  3. Click and drag to rotate around the panoramic images; both will rotate in unison. 

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