We’ve been excited to see the new VideoWalk’s coming in using the Insta360 ONE X from StructionSite users and couldn’t be happier with people adopting it so quickly! We have a quick settings update that we want you to know about to help make the process more fluid. The next app version coming soon will auto adjust this setting.  


Most out-of-the-box Insta360 ONE X cameras will have the TimeLapse Video feature set to 1 second by default. We need this to be set to 0.5 seconds manually. Changing it to the 0.5 seconds interval manually prior to capture will result in a significant increase in the quality of your imagery and path accuracy!


After updating the Insta360 ONE X firmware to the latest version (using the official Insta360 ONE X application), do the following on the physical camera:

 1. Press the small button until the “settings” gear icon appears, then press the large button to enter camera settings mode 

 2. Press the large button once to navigate to the “Timelapse” setting mode 

 3. Press the small button twice to navigate to the “Interval” setting 

 4. Press the big button repeatedly until 0.5s appears 

We're looking forward to seeing your #BootsontheGround and the new VideoWalks™ using Insta360 ONE X

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