If you have freshly ordered all the parts and pieces necessary to perform field capture (photos and VideoWalks), this article should help you get set up!

  1. Insert Battery and SD card into Garmin VIRB. Ensure camera is fully charged to ensure 1 hour of capture time
  2.  Install 1/4" thread base attachment to the bottom of the Garmin VIRB
  3. Update the VIRB firmware to the latest version using the official Garmin VIRB app. You MUST do this prior to using StructionSite, or else it won't work. Many people forget this step
  4. Perform a full setup of the Garmin VIRB as recommended
  5. Insert the omni-light 18650 Type batteries into the charger and ensure 100% charge
  6. Insert a single omni-light 18650 Type battery into the omni-light
  7. Attach Male to male 1/4" thread adapter to the TOP of the omni-light
  8. Attach the Rubber Washer sticker to the top of the Male to male 1/4" thread
  9. Attach the omni-light onto the monopod
  10. Attach the iPad/iPhone holder onto the monopod, close to the light. The phone holder comes in two pieces; you will need to press with full force to attach the pieces together (strength required)
  11. Screw the Garmin VIRB to the top of the light
  12. Ensure that your spare Garmin VIRB batteries are charged, and bring them with you when on-site
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