Note: An iOS device from 2017 or newer recommended. Camera may not be compatible with older devices.

  1. Visit the Ultracker Aleta S2C download page and download the Firmware Update as a ZIP file. Do NOT unzip the file, keep it as-is.
  2.  Place the ZIP file (as-is) into a micro SD card into the root directory, and place it into the camera while the camera is off
  3. Turn the camera on. The camera should now go through an upgrade process to update the firmware.
  4. After the update is successfully completed, a WIFI hotspot should be displayed with a name (US_XXXX.OSC, where XXXX is a series of numbers) and password.
  5. On your mobile device, go to Wifi settings and connect to the hotspot
    On StructionSite, you can now capture photos in 360 mode!

*VideoWalk is not supported with this camera

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