The Samsung Gear 360 2016 camera has become a challenging camera to maintain connection with using the latest version of iOS. In order to connect reliably we have found these steps to be helpful, and they must be done in this order:

  1. Disconnect camera from your device WiFi 
  2. Double click the home button on your iOS device (or do partial up-swipe on newer devices) to access you app switcher. Swipe up on StructionSite to close it completely 
  3. Return to the Settings app and connect to the Gear 360 WiFi (be sure the name of the network ends in ‘.OSC’ which requires "Google Street View" enabled from the Camera)
  4. Re-open StructionSite 
  5. You should be all set. 

If you have followed the instructions above, please try also checking the following:
-Try taking a single photo from the camera to see if it captures successfully. It may be that the micro-SD card in the camera is corrupted, missing, or is full. You should see an indicator on the camera telling you how many photos are still able to be taken
-Try making sure to take the photo with the camera right next to your mobile device; the wifi signal may be weaker than you're used to if you've been using a different camera like the Ricoh Theta or VIRB
-Make sure the camera is not also connected to Google Street view or other 360 apps that may be trying to connect 

Please contact us at if this article doesn't solve the problem.  

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