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Inter-Hotspot Jumping between photos
Inter-Hotspot Jumping between photos

Create a hotspot link between any photo or VideoWalk frame

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Sometimes when viewing a 360 photo or normal photo, you want to jump to another location by clicking within the photo itself, rather than using the mini-map. This is to provide a better experience for viewers, and make it feel more like a "virtual tour". 

With this workflow, you can link between 360 photos, standard photos, or video frames. For example, you can now:
-link a location on a 360 photo to a higher resolution standard directional photo
-jump from 360 photo to 360 photo
-link a VideoWalk to a higher resolution 360 photo
-link 2 different videowalks together

Note: VideoWalk creates hotspots automatically along the path of travel
Note2: Requires a project plan or higher
Note3: Not available in online or offline PDF exports

How to do it: 

  1. While viewing a 360 photo, standard photo, or video frame, hold SHIFT and click on a location in the photo to create a hotspot

2. Click the other pin (other 360 photo, standard directional photo, or videowalk node) to create the link
3. Hold hold SHIFT and click on the existing hyperlink for the ability to delete or move the hotspot. 

3. That's it! Users will now see the hotspot within the photo, and when they click on it, it'll take them to the next photo/video node

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