If you have a lot of drawings you'd like to upload to StructionSite for use as backgrounds for capture, it may be easier to upload them in bulk. 

It is easy to upload the drawing in bulk from cloud-based systems, but if you're uploading them from your computer, you'll have to use a different workflow for uploading multiple at a time. (Note: This workflow will vastly improve in a later release).

Getting started:

  1. In the "Add Drawing" popup, click "upload from cloud"

2. Click "Upload from other"

3. Choose a cloud-based account and login and authenticate

4. Close all the popups and return to the drawing add pop-up

5. Click "Upload from cloud again", then click "Upload from other again. 

6. When you get back in, you will see a drop-down menu at the top left of the pop-up window that comes up, and choose "My Computer"

7. Either drop multiple files into the white space shown, or click "Add Files" and SHIFT-select multiple files to add

8. Click "Upload", and now the files will upload in bulk!

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