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Tagging Workflows for Progress Photos
Tagging Workflows for Progress Photos

Tagging keeps your progress photos organized and allows you to filter and export based on customized categories .

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Tagging keeps both your 360 and standard directional progress photos organized, and allows you to filter and export based on customized categories. Here are some ideas for tagging:

  • Key project milestones, such as pre-wall closeup, pre-ceiling close-up, and post-punchlist

  • General phases, such as pre-construction, interior progression, exterior progression, and final as-builts

  • Locations, such as room number or special area of a building (MRI Rooms)

  • Type of photo, such as a specific issue related to MEP, drywall, or structure

  • Orientation of a photo, such as in-slab, above ceiling or regular ground-shots

“This feature couldn’t have come at a better time. We are beginning to close up walls, and this will help our team stay even more organized and refine the deliverable to the owner.”

– Felipe Serrano, ‎Senior Project Engineer, The Beck Group

Streamlined Mobile Workflow

To ensure the tagging process is well adopted by the folks in the field, we added a new, streamlined field tagging workflow that allows you to quickly set one or more tags that will automatically be associated with photos that you take, so that you don’t have to add the tags after-the-fact one by one. You can also quickly switch to different tags with just a few taps. For example, on a given floor where you have to take 100+ photos, some areas might be a major pre-drywall closeup milestone, while others are still in-wall MEP progression shots.

Preventing Chaos

Those of us in construction know that people have different words to describe the same thing: take for example: pre-drywall, pre-gypboard, and pre-sheetrock. Fortunately, we had built tags in such a way that prevents others from going rogue and introducing duplicate or non-standard tags on a project. Tags can only be created, renamed, and deleted by project administrators, ensuring precise control over what ends up being delivered to a team and the owner.

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