Note: These instructions are NOT the recommended practice for the VideoWalk mobile workflow; this is just if you want to upload your own 360 Video from a different 360 camera other than the one we recommend!

Requirement: A stitched, stabilized 360 equirectangular video, similar to below when played on a regular media player:

Note: If your video does NOT look like this, and instead it looks like two fish-eye lenses side by side, then it is not yet ready to be imported to StructionSite. Please go to the previous step to see how to convert the videos into a ready format. 

  1. Go to and go to the project/drawing where you'd like to upload the VideoWalk
  2. Click on "+ Add" at the top right of the drawing, and choose 360 VideoWalk (Do NOT choose 360 Video, as that's just a static video in one location and not an actual accessible path). If you do not see this menu option, please contact with the name of your project for access, or contact us via live chat. 

3. Click on the part of the drawing where you started your videowalk, then click where you ended.
4. Drag/drop your video into the pop-up as shown, Select Timelapse if it is a VIRB video file and click "Submit"

5. Wait for the VideoWalk to process the path. You will receive an email when processing has completed.

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